Takeaways in Oadby

Lokma Mangal Lokma Mangal rating (0)
  164 Evington Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Kebab Lebanese Turkish 
Pepe's Piri Piri Pepe's Piri Piri rating (0)
  112 London Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Chicken Desserts Portuguese 
BOX4ME BOX4ME rating (0)
  162 Knighton Fields Road East, Oadby, Leicester,
  Chicken Halal Indian 
House of Desserts House of Desserts rating (0)
  6 Allandale Road, Oadby, Leicester,
Pizza Zebedee Pizza Zebedee rating (0)
  52 London Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Kebab Pizza 
Roosters Grill Roosters Grill rating (0)
  111 London Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Chicken Kebab 
TJ's Aylestone TJ's Aylestone rating (0)
  257 Aylestone Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Kebab Pizza 
Swatlands Swatlands rating (0)
  38 London Road, Oadby, Leicester,
TJ's Oadby TJ's Oadby rating (0)
  71 The Parade, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Qbaraz Qbaraz rating (0)
  181 Evington Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Desserts Indian 
Pizza and Kebab Master Pizza and Kebab Master rating (0)
  57B Queens Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Kebab Pizza 
Spice of IndoPak @ Stoneycroft Hotel Spice of IndoPak @ Stoneycroft Hotel rating (0)
  5-7 Elmfield Avenue, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Indian 
Jungle Paprika Jungle Paprika rating (0)
  202-204 Evington Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Kebab Pizza 
Nawaaz Indian Restaurant Nawaaz Indian Restaurant rating (0)
  159 London Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Bangladeshi Indian 
Doorstep Desserts Doorstep Desserts rating (0)
  29 Western Boulevard, Oadby, Leicester,
Queens Chinese Queens Chinese rating (0)
  70 Queens Road, Oadby, Leicester,
Chutney's Chutney's rating (0)
  259 Aylestone Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Balti Bangladeshi Indian 
Dolly's Diner Dolly's Diner rating (0)
  0723 Aylestone Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Breakfast Burgers Modern British 
Leeja Palace Oadby Leeja Palace Oadby rating (0)
  13 The Parade, Oadby, Leicester,
Tawa Curry Hut Tawa Curry Hut rating (0)
  161 Clarendon Park Road, Oadby, Leicester,
Pearl City Pearl City rating (0)
  88 Shackerdale Road, Oadby, Leicester,
Taste of Bengal Taste of Bengal rating (0)
  36 The Fairway, Oadby, Leicester,
Popeyes Popeyes rating (0)
  40 Welford Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  American Burgers Chicken 
Pizza Land Pizza Land rating (0)
  583 Saffron Lane, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
TJ's Cafe Diner TJ's Cafe Diner rating (0)
  97 Aylestone road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Peri Peri Mack Chicken Peri Peri Mack Chicken rating (0)
  355 Welford Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Halal 
Spice Land Spice Land rating (0)
  435 Welford Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Balti Halal Indian 
Saffron Chippy Saffron Chippy rating (0)
  81 Southfields Drive, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Istanbul BBQ House Istanbul BBQ House rating (0)
  94 Shackerdale Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Piccadilly and TJ's Burgers Piccadilly and TJ's Burgers rating (0)
  2 Lutterworth Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Oodles Chinese Evington Road Oodles Chinese Evington Road rating (0)
  1 Kingston Road, Oadby, Leicester,
Papa John's Papa John's rating (0)
  90 The Parade, Oadby, Leicester,
Royale Pizzas and Burgers Royale Pizzas and Burgers rating (0)
  216 Saffron Lane, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Pizza 
I Dragon I Dragon rating (0)
  99 Aberdale Road, Oadby, Leicester,
Wok In Wok Out Wok In Wok Out rating (0)
  48 Welford Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Chinese Halal 
Wok Express Wok Express rating (0)
  122 Grasmere Street, Oadby, Leicester,
  Cantonese Chinese Peking 
Tushba Pizza Tushba Pizza rating (0)
  284 Aylestone Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  All Night Alcohol Burgers Chicken 
Expresso Pizza Expresso Pizza rating (0)
  319a Aylestone Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Delight Express Delight Express rating (0)
  437 Welford Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Halal 
Pizza Cottage Pizza Cottage rating (0)
  155A Evington Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Halal 
Spicy Haandi Spicy Haandi rating (0)
  144 Walnut Street, Oadby, Leicester,
Spicy Flames Spicy Flames rating (0)
  188 Howard Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Halal Indian 
Spicy Vegetarian Spicy Vegetarian rating (0)
  188 Howard Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Indian Vegetarian 
American Fried Chicken American Fried Chicken rating (0)
  559 Saffron Lane, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Kebab 
Curry Junction Curry Junction rating (0)
  6 Lutterworth Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Bangladeshi Halal Indian 
TJ's TJ's rating (0)
  122 London Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Burgers Chicken Halal 
Chilli Corner Chilli Corner rating (0)
  190 Howard Road, Oadby, Leicester,
  Halal Indian 
Far East Takeaway grey star
437a Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 6BL
Take Away Food Shops
Taks House grey star
62b London Road Business Park, Oadby Leicester, LE2 5DH
Take Away Food Shops
N & M Keskekogli Delight Express grey star
437 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 6BL
Take Away Food Shop
The New Wan Wah grey star
85 The Parade, Oadby Leicester, LE2 5BB
Take Away Food Shops
Sizzlerz Sizzlerz grey star
160 Nedham Street, Leicester, LE2 0HB
Take Away Food Shops
Wishful House grey star
6a Lutterworth Road, Leicester, LE2 8PE
Take Away Food Shop
T J's Hamburgers grey star
40 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 7AA
Take Away Food Shops
Spicy Vegetarian grey star
188-192 Howard Road, Oadby Leicester, LE2 1XL
indian asian  Indian Asian Take Away
Spicy Flames grey star
188-192 Howard Road, Oadby Leicester, LE2 1XL
indian asian  Indian Asian Take Away
Clarendon House Chinese Restaurant grey star
198 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, LE2 3AF
Take Away Food Shops
Fung Tao grey star
719 Aylestone Road, Leicester, LE2 8TG
chinese  Chinese Take Away Food Shop
Mcindians Restaurant Evington grey star
143 Evington Road, Leicester, LE2 1QJ
Take Away Food Shops
The Picnic Kebab House grey star
149 Evington Road, Leicester, LE2 1QJ
Take Away Food Shops
Crescent Halal Grill House & Butchery grey star
125 Nedham Street, Leicester, LE2 0HF
Take Away Food Shops
Roosters Piri Piri grey star
22-24 Horsefair Street, Leicester Leicester, LE1 5BN
burger chicken  Burger Chicken Take Away
Ruby grey star
320 Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 6EG
Take Away Food Shops
Mandaloun grey star
496 Fulham Road, Fulham South West London, SW6 5NH
lebanese  Lebanese Take Away
Wing Wah Chinese Takeaway grey star
122 Grasmere Street, Leicester, LE2 7FS
Take Away Food Shops
Indelicious grey star
103 Blackheath Road, Greenwich South East London, SE10 8PD
indian asian  Indian Asian Take Away
Jebutandoori Take Away grey star
48 Evington Road, Leicester, LE2 1HG
indian  Indian Take Away Food Shops
New Golden Dragon grey star
74 Evington Road, Leicester, LE2 1HH
chinese  Chinese Take Away
Mascuisine grey star
99 Aberdale Road, Leicester, LE2 6GE
Take Away Food Shops
Sister's grey star
1 Kingsley Street, Leicester, LE2 6DY
Take Away Food Shops
Ringersnack grey star
102 Jarrom Street, Leicester, LE2 7DE
Take Away Food Shops
Knighton House grey star
88 Shackerdale Road, Leicester, LE2 6HS
chinese  Chinese Take Away
Buddys grey star
41-43 Church Gate, Leicester Leicester, LE1 3AL
burger chicken  Burger Chicken Take Away
Oadby Kebab & Burger grey star
71 The Parade, Oadby Leicester, LE2 5BB
Take Away Food Shops
The India Cottage grey star
79 The Parade, Oadby Leicester, LE2 5BB
indian  Indian Take Away Food Shops
Marchee Wok Take Away grey star
11 Allandale Road, Leicester, LE2 2DA
chinese  Chinese Food Take Away
Golden Chef grey star
146 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, LE2 3AE
Take Away Food Shops
Ollies Kitchen grey star
Melbourne Centre, Melbourne Road, Leicester, LE2 0GU
Take Away Food Shops
Expresso grey star
90 The Parade, Oadby Leicester, LE2 5BF
Take Away Food Shops
Pizza Royale grey star
216 Saffron Lane, Leicester, LE2 7NF
Take Away Food Shops
Charcoal Hut grey star
60 Hartington Road, Leicester, LE2 0GN
Take Away Food Shops

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Takeaways in Oadby including such takeaway cuisines like African, All night alcohol, American, Asian, Balti, Bangladeshi, Breakfast, Burger, Burgers, Café, Cakes, Cantonese, Caribbean, Chicken, Chinese, Desserts, Egyptian, English breakfast, Fish and chips, Fusion, Greek, Grill, Halal, Indian, Indo-chinese fusion, Italian, Jamaican, Japanese, Kebab, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle eastern, Milkshakes, Modern british, Nepalese, Pakistani, Peking, Pizza, Portuguese, Sandwiches, Steak, Sushi, Tex mex, Thai, Turkish, Vegetarian take out and fast food outlets. Local take away food delivery in Leicester by restaurants and local take-aways in Oadby.

Order food online for delivery in Oadby. We might not have big names like Burger King, Subway, McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Dominos Pizza listed on our website, but nevertheless there is a good selection of food delivery restaurants with their menus listed online.

Areas nearby include: Leicester (LE1), Wigston (LE18), Oadby (LE2), Narborough Wood Park (LE3), Birstall (LE4), Rowlatts Hill (LE5), Newtown Linford (LE6)